Free Math and Science Tutor online : Khan Academy .Org — -Your child can do 20 free math problems a day for grades K-12 and kids love the program

I stumbled upon  a great MATH HELP (IXL.COM)  for kids and teens from Pre-K to 12th grade, which includes Algebra and Geometry.  My son really needs  help in MATH. Most kids don’t like math and some are afraid of it.  This online practice  will help your KIDS AND TEENS LOVE MATH.   You can go to   and your child can try it out up to 20 free math problems a day.  The thing I love about it is that it checks each answer as you go along and if you’re right it says ” correct” but if you get the problem wrong it explains (in words) how to solve the math problem in a very understandable way. I THINK IT IS GREAT, ESPECIALLY GEOMETRY FOR MY SON.    If you like the program  it has a question list of most asked questions by parents. The charge to sign up for the membership is $9.95 a month and it says you can cancel anytimeIf you add another child it is  $2.00 a month more .  GO AHEAD AND HAVE YOUR CHILD TRY THE PROBLEMS  FOR FREE AND SEE HOW YOUR CHILD LIKES IT.   IT IS ONLINE AND THE STUDENT CAN PRACTICE THESE MATH PROBLEMS ANYTIME.  I THINK IT WILL MAKE MATH FUN AND YOUR CHILD WILL LEARN A LOT. IT IS GOOD PRACTICE AND IT EXPLAINS HOW TO DO THE PROBLEM IF YOU GET IT WRONG.  PARENTS CAN TRY  IT TO SEE WHAT THEY WOULD ACTUALLY BE BUYING.  will be getting a  language program  next year but for now this is just MATH .

_____________________________      A FREE WEBSITE-  KHANACADEMY.ORG  and it is great !      ————————————

KHAN ACADEMY –– This is a FREE WEBSITE that teaches your child (all ages)  –MATHArithmetic & pre algebra ,  Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry & pre-calculus , Equations, Test Preparation, Probability & Statistics,  & Geometry. Also teaches Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication &Division,  & Fractions  etc.  The founder Mr. Khan was on TV and was interviewed for having such an amazing website. This program is used by kids and adults  all around the world, and again it is FREE. IT IS LIKE HAVING A FREE TUTOR IN YOUR HOME BECAUSE HE EXPLAINS EACH SUBJECT WITH SAMPLES AND SIMPLE EXPLANATIONS (ON YOU TUBE).  He writes the problems on the board and goes through and explains it.  YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE IT AND WITH PRACTICE THEY  CAN DO GREAT THINGS IN MATH!

IT ALSO teaches Science- BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, AND PHYSICS.  SO FINALLY THERE IS HELP and parents and students will love this site.  It is the best site ever and parents can finally have some homework help in subjects they  are not familiar with. TRY IT , USE IT, LOVE IT.

I hope this helps.

Linda Simmons-President African-American Foundation of Greater Miami, Inc.

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